People Solutions

Our services include a unique and award-winning Human Resources partner that focuses on the mobilisation and management of staff deployed in fragile regions, with specific support to humanitarian and development organisations.

Chelsea Group also offers leadership development training to executives and organisations, through an experiential approach helping leaders attain their most authentic form of leadership. Regarded as laying the foundations for any future leadership development, these life-altering courses have roots in British Special Forces techniques.

  • CTG
    Through sourcing and managing both skilled and unskilled individuals, ranging from medical professionals to administrators, CTG’s unique human resource capability allows for rapid mobilisation for humanitarian and development projects and unrivalled people solutions in fragile, disaster and conflict-affected regions. With HR teams in their 17 countries of operation, close attention to duty of care and sustainability, and an extensive network of local humanitarian personnel, this award-winning company is honoured to call some of the best humanitarian and development organisations clients.
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  • Leadership Trust
    With a unique, experiential approach to leadership development, the Leadership Trust is a trusted partner of clients across all industries worldwide. Based on the belief that you must know and understand yourself before leading others, Leadership Trust assists existing and aspiring leaders to embark on a journey of self-awareness and enable them to attain their most authentic form of leadership. Their suite of courses has been designed as the ideal foundation for further development and training, and with methods founded on British Special Forces techniques the Leadership Trust has evolved to meet the needs of the changing business landscape.
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