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Since 1999, innovation and excellence have been at the heart of what we do.

When Lord Westbury started Hart, a risk management and private security company in 1999, he believed that the company would go on to become the nucleus of a larger group. His vision was to create a stable of independent companies that complemented each other in their offerings, had a global presence, were adaptable and able to deliver in some of the most challenging environments.  

Today the Chelsea Group consists of 11 dynamic companies with offices around the world, from London to Dubai and Sydney. Our CEOs and management teams have a wealth of experience behind them and are an impressive driving force. Our services are extensive, enabling us to offer our clients integrated solutions, and we remain dedicated to first-class delivery. At the heart of the group is the belief that every challenge can be overcome, no matter the environment

The group is always looking to the future, and continues to grow year on year.  

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Chelsea Group History

  1. Hart is founded by Lord Westbury


    Lord Westbury creates Hart, a private security and risk management company that operates across land, sea and air, combining military experience with commercial expertise. Their first contract is the challenging task of a Fisheries Management and Protection Programme on the Horn of Africa for Puntland.

  2. CTG Global joins the group


    The Chelsea Group acquires CTG Global, a human resources and managed-services company that provides unique support to the humanitarian and development community. With operating experience in 23 countries, CTG has a Long Term Agreement with UNOPs to support them worldwide.

  3. Taking security to the skies


    The Chelsea Group acquires majority holding in Longport Aviation Security. Longport has 3,500 employees operating in 14 countries serving 20 major US, European and local carriers.

  4. Enigma Alliance joins the fold


    Enigma Alliance is formed as the strategic consultancy arm of the group, offering international engagement strategies and analyses for NGOs, governments and business entities. With a strong focus on business development, innovation and promoting entrepreneurship, Enigma Alliance operates in the following sectors: strategic consulting; fitness, sport and education; cyber, technology and systems; life support, logistics and creative designs; renewable energy and clean water as well as charities. Today Enigma Alliance includes COG, NapCap, WaterCap and T-Rex Games as subsidiary companies.



  5. The build begins on Chelsea Village, Mogadishu


    Building begins on Chelsea Village, the group’s secure accommodation camp in Mogadishu. The project is built and managed by COG, using NapCap accommodation containers while Hart provides the security. Chelsea Village adheres to MOSS standards and can currently host 92 guests while offering a variety of amenities.

  6. A growing family


    In line with the growing portfolio of companies (at this stage, six in total), the Hart Group is renamed the Chelsea Group (RW Chelsea Group Holdings Ltd).

  7. Shaping the leaders of today


    The Leadership Trust, a company that Lord Westbury worked for earlier on in his career, becomes part of the Chelsea Group and celebrates its 40th birthday. The Leadership Trust offers high-impact leadership training.

  8. Changing lives one drop at a time


    The latest addition to the group through Enigma Alliance is WaterCap, specialising in modular solutions for water purification. It provides clean drinking water to European standards onsite at Chelsea Village in Mogadishu.