Risk Management & Security Solutions

With security and risk management at the heart of the group, the Chelsea Group has developed its reach in the sector through several complementary services, offered at a global scale. With a management team that combines military expertise with a thorough understanding of commercial markets, the security and risk management arm of the group is a respected, certified and trusted provider, successfully servicing both public and private sectors in some of the most challenging parts of the world.

  • Chelsea Group Mozambique
    A multisector integrated services company, Chelsea Group Mozambique specialises in operations in high-risk, remote, frontier and emerging markets. Providers of both technical and non-technical security, Chelsea Group Mozambique offers fully licenced private security services, offshore vessel support services and specialist insurance services.
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  • Hart
    The founding company of the Chelsea Group, Hart is an internationally acclaimed risk management company offering a range of security solutions covering complex scenarios across land, sea and air since 1999.
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  • Security Exchange
    Security risk professionals, Security Exchange specialises in the provision of specialist consultancy by supporting private, affinity and insurance markets across the world. Its core services comprise of crisis management, 24/7 response, business continuity and business recovery.
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  • Longport Aviation Security
    A leading provider of AVSEC services in Latin America and southern Asia, Longport Aviation supports passenger and cargo operations across airports, carriers and handling companies. With a mission to ‘prevent acts of unlawful interference with Civil Aviation’, Longport continues to protect against major security threats.
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  • MPDS
    Monaco Private Defence Security (MPDS) offers high-end security solutions to the residents and visitors of Monaco and its environs. Their strength lies in the ability to blend international experience with local understanding for a sensitive solution.
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  • SafeCap
    The SafeCap model was designed to reduce the amount of time needed in-country to build a safe room or bunker that meets all the required UN safety thresholds. SafeCap offers a plug-and-play bespoke steel enclosure that can be installed in any conflict setting. The SafeCap design includes a secondary roof structure for increased protection, plumbing, electrical lines and more and can accommodate either 12 or 40 people.

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