Remote Site Solutions

Embracing innovation, the Chelsea Group has used its experience in some of the most complex regions of the world to develop a suite of life support solutions that promises first class delivery, no matter the location. Our remote site solutions were driven by our need for secure, remote site accommodation in a high-risk zone. Through this, we have been able to extend our capabilities to support organisations across the world, enabling them to continue their operations in a secure and equipped environment.

  • Enigma Alliance
    With remote site services as one of its core divisions, Enigma Alliance is a specialist in the build and management of secure camps, deployment of water treatment systems, modular gyms, safe rooms, and temporary tented camp sites. Enigma Alliance’s extensive Cap portfolio is designed by a team with decades of experience in field operations; the portfolio provides quality turnkey solutions for living and working in any location, across a range of sectors.
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  • Camp Operating Group (COG)
    Camp Operating Group (COG) is the team of remote-site specialists behind Chelsea Village and various other operations in the region. COG are experts in planning, building and managing camp projects, offering integrated services management from catering to office installation, with years of experience in Eastern Africa. Previous projects range from high-end NapCap container accommodation (as seen in our flagship accommodation camp Chelsea Village) to temporary tented camps utilised by mining clients.
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  • NapCap
    ISO-certified containerised housing, NapCap is a solution for remote working and living in a range of different environments. Designed with comfort and safety in mind for field operations, NapCap offers secure, modular housing units in a number of different layouts. Compliant with UNDSS MOSS standards, NapCap units are portable, simple to transport and are easily installed. The COG team driving development of NapCap units are able to re-purpose these containers to suit client requirements. The current range available is the Standard, VIP and Villa.
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  • WaterCap
    Developed in response to water shortages whilst operating in Somalia, WaterCap technology provides clean and safe water in remote locations. As water-purification and waste management specialists, WaterCap can be used to provide WHO-standard drinking water through simple deployment, transforming water from subsurface and deep-well aquifers and sea water into water fit for human consumption. Adaptable in capacity, WaterCap output ranges from 1000 to 800,000 litres daily. Additionally, WaterCap supplies battery free solar-powered systems and is one of only four companies with this capability worldwide.
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  • GymCap
    A modular solution for a high-quality training facility, GymCap is a double-container and rig gym which can be designed and adapted to the client’s requirements. Easy to transport and assemble and built according to ISO standards, these state-of-the-art units are equipped with a range of low maintenance cardio equipment, weight pulley systems and a broad spectrum of small equipment.

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