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Nap Cap

NapCap offers high-quality turn-key portable structures for field operations. These units have been designed and trialled by personnel having spent more than 50 years in the field in conflict or natural disaster zones.

Built in Europe to European Standards, in a facility with close to a century’s experience in making a wide range of products, NapCap units benefit from the expertise and care of passionate craftsmen and their wide range of know-how and are all held to ISO standards at an affordable cost.

NapCap units are designed for rapid assembly/disassembly and are suitable for inhospitable weather conditions: strong winds, high humidity, high temperatures or extreme temperature difference (-25°C to +50°C).

They are also designed for easy and fast transportation worldwide and can be heliported.

NapCap Units are:

  • Bespoke portable structures
  • High quality
  • Weatherproof to extreme standards
  • Easy to transport

Comfort and Quality

NapCap came about from an understanding that comfortable and quality accommodation is scarce in field operations in challenging environments. Their 40ft units are divided into two rooms with living, working, sleeping area and sanitary module. The units are bespoke, built brand new with solid walls and each room includes a double bed, bedside table, desk, chair and wall shelf, wardrobe, tv cabinets, and a sofa.

The Chelsea Group’s secure accommodation camp Chelsea Village, in Mogadishu, is currently home to 76 NapCap containers hosting 152 guests.

For Chelsea Village guests, NapCap helps make the experience a home away from home.

Other products

The versatility of the NapCap product means that it’s not only comfortable accommodation units that are on offer. The NapCap product can be adapted to create well-designed offices, medical rooms, check points, temporary embassies, communal/entertainment spaces and kitchens and more.

NapCap is a subsidiary company of Enigma Alliance.



Range in Celsius of the temperature resistance of the NapCap Units. They can withstand temperatures ranging from --25°C to +50°C


Length in mm of the very comfortable double beds, in every NapCap unit.


Combined years of experience the NapCap designers have spent operating in the field in conflict or natural disaster zones.

Meet Stuart Page

the CEO of NapCap
‘What You Grow, You Give Back’