Preventing acts of
unlawful interference
with Civil Aviation

Sector: Aviation Security

Head Office:
Calle Vía Tocumen, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Planta Baja, Oficina 1,
Provincia de Panamá, Corregimiento de Tocumen,
República de Panamá

Tel: +57 1 415-6781



Longport Aviation Security

Established in 1993, Longport has grown to become one of the largest and leading suppliers of Aviation Security (AVSEC) services in Latin America. With a strong presence in the Caribbean and Central America, Longport provides AVSEC services to all the major carriers that fly to the region and recent projects have also seen Longport’s services delivered in West Africa and South Central Asia.  With over 3 500 employees, Longport operates in 16 countries.

Longport grew up in the high-threat environment of Colombia in the ’90s and has a successful record in preventing the major threats of terrorism, narcotics and undocumented passengers. It provides AVSEC services to passenger and cargo operations for carriers, airports and handling companies.

Longport’s mission is to ‘Prevent acts of unlawful interference with Civil Aviation’. An Annex 17 and ICAO 8973 driven company, all services are fully compliant with I CAO and local regulations as well as TSA and EU regulations as required by the carrier.

Longport has a strong technical capability, developing, among other projects, their own Aviation Security eLearning Platform, as well as portable surveillance cameras.


Number of countries in which Longport operates

3 500

Number of Longport employees

154 000

The number of dangerous goods discovered by Longport in a three-year period

Meet William Daniell

the CEO of Longport Aviation Security
‘Security is about trust’