When you face risk,
you need Hart

Sector: Private Security and Risk Management

Head Office:
Hart Integrated Solutions,
2401 Fortune Executive Tower,
PO Box 643622, Cluster T,
Jumeirah Lakes Towers,
Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 43 60 300

Email: info@hartinternational.com



The founding company of the Chelsea Group, Hart is an internationally recognised risk management company that delivers innovative, integrated security solutions in complex areas across land, sea and air.

Established by Lord Westbury in 1999, Hart combines an impressive level of military experience with commercial understanding and expertise. With operational experience in 25 countries, it has an excellent record of compliance and successful delivery all over the world.

Hart is proud to be known as a client-focused company that has provided extensive security services and products to many private, public and NGO sectors in challenging environments with exceptional results. To clients, Hart is a successful business enabler with an ability to operate in both developed and developing markets.

Services include:

Risk Management, Physical Security (static and mobile), Maritime Security, Aviation Security, K9 Services, Specialist Training, Project Support, Technical Design, Event Security, Superyacht Security.

Sectors served:

Diplomatic, Defence, Extraction Industry, Critical National Infrastructure, Construction, Media, NGOs and IGOs.


The year that Hart was founded

1 billion

Value in dollars of contracts successfully delivered by Hart


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Meet James Houghton

the COO of Hart
'The greatest satisfaction is working with a brilliant team'