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United Kingdom

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Leadership Trust

The Leadership Trust delivers high-impact, experiential leadership development, which changes behaviour and transforms individuals, teams and organisations for clients across the globe. With foundations in the Special Forces, the Trust’s approach has been honed over four decades with expert input from behavioural psychologists and specialists in leadership development.

In August 2015, its fortieth year in business, the Leadership Trust Foundation entered into a joint venture with the Chelsea Group in order to create a leadership development business with enhanced global reach. The new trading entity, Leadership Trust Training and Development, continues to operate under the Leadership Trust brand, and a share of profits is re-invested in the Foundation, which remains an educational charitable trust.

The Leadership Trust has an outstanding team who have been on their own leadership journey to influence companies and organisations worldwide. They offer tailored programmes and open courses as well as coaching.


Number of continents in which the Leadership Trust operates programmes in

70 000

Number of Leadership Trust delegates


Number of years in the business (celebrated in 2015, the year the Leadership Trust joined the Chelsea Group)

Meet Léa Cléret

the CEO of Leadership Trust Training and Development Ltd
‘Leadership is a culture and something everyone can contribute to’