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Leadership Trust

Leadership Trust provides leadership development programmes to a world-wide executive clientele. Founded over 45 years ago, their unique experiential learning methods have made Leadership Trust the go-to destination for organisations and executives when training their teams. Originally founded on British Special Forces techniques, the organisation has grown and adapted to the ever-changing needs of modern business ensuring they equip future leaders with the skills and knowledge required to excel in challenging environments.

2020 created a wealth of new opportunities for Leadership Trust. This includes the soon-to-be implemented formation of Leadership Trust International, Leadership Trust Singapore and Leadership Trust America as the organisation firmly asserts itself within new, growing territories.


Number of continents in which the Leadership Trust operates programmes in

70 000

Number of Leadership Trust delegates


Number of years in the business (celebrated in 2015, the year the Leadership Trust joined the Chelsea Group)

Meet Dr Léa Cléret

the CEO of Leadership Trust Training and Development Ltd
‘Leadership is a culture and something everyone can contribute to’