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Security and Risk Management, Construction and Property Development, Mining, Transport, Telecommunications, Energy, Agriculture, Tourism

Head Office:
Maputo, Mozambique
Rua Francisco Matange Nr 70, Maputo
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Chelsea Group Mozambique

Chelsea Group Mozambique (CGM), is a Mozambican security company headed up by Chinguane Mabote. It provides multi-sector security and related services offerings in Mozambique to multiple industries and sectors (mining, O&G, maritime and shipping, hospitality, construction, financial services etc).

CGM brings international standards and quality assurance, including strict adherence to FCPA, Bribery Act and other fiduciary legislation and ISO accredited services, to the Mozambican market; often an issue when using local or regional service providers.

All of the Mozambican operations are overseen by a globally experienced international management team that leans on the expertise and capacity of the Group to ensure the provision of high quality security services.

Services include the provision of integrated non-technical (physical) and technical security, proven high quality remote site solutions, water treatment capabilities and general supply chain management support in remote locations.

Other current projects include developing affordable housing projects for veterans, commercial property developments, port management and fisheries protection, mining, as well as tourism projects.

 CEO Chinguane Mabote is part of the fabric of Mozambique, and is son of the late Lt. General Sebastião Mabote, while Chelsea Group Chairman Lord Westbury has been working in Mozambique for more than 20 years. This local engagement combined with depth of experience ensures first-class solutions for our clients.

150 000

The number of houses being built with the Mozambique Ministry of Veterans.

6 000

Families that will benefit from this development, which will be replicated around the country.


The number of International Major Navigation Lines that will be serviced by the new Dry Port being developed by CGMoz in Beira on over 39 600m2.

Meet Chinguane Mabote

CEO of Chelsea Group Mozambique
‘It’s important to rely on facts, not expectations’