Rupert Reid

Security Exchange's CEO
'We have fought hard to win the respect of insurers and corporate clients alike.'

How do you describe your company’s purpose? First and foremost, our job is to protect our clients’ people, products, assets and reputation from critical security incidents, whether they are insured or uninsured; although the bulk of our work tends to come to us through our insurance market relationships.

The most exciting moment of your career? Winning the DTI contract to provide security at the World Fair in Seville in 1992. It was a (very!) long time ago now but it launched a small company on the road to later success in the security industry.

What are you most proud of with regards to Security Exchange? I am proud of our team. We have fought hard to win the respect of insurers and corporate clients alike, often boxing way above our weight; and that is down to our talented and hard-working team.

What do you believe sets Security Exchange apart from your competitors? Our work ethic: never letting up on the customer service and constantly looking to learn.

The current most important focus for Security Exchange going forward? To change with the times. I sometimes think that the industry is stuck in a time-warp; with a little too much ‘send’ and not enough ‘receive’.

Thinking about your client base and looking into the future, how do you see their expectations of Security Exchange changing? As a relatively young industry, we have seen only a couple of generations pass us by so we have not had to cater for demographics before, nor have we experienced the speed of communications we are witnessing today. Our client base is now the ‘Snapchat’ generation: young and adventurous entrepreneurs who seldom have time to read more than half a page of A4; so we have to package our services very differently if we are to stay engaged.

Five years from now, how would you like Security Exchange to be? I would like to see a greater proportion of non-service personnel on the books. That is not to say that we don’t have the finest police and armed forces on the planet but we need to provide young graduates with a defined career path if we are to keep our industry vibrant, relevant and dynamic.

What makes you optimistic? The challenge. We know what we have to do and within the Chelsea Group we have the right people to do it. Bring it on!

How does Security Exchange complement the other offerings of the Chelsea Group? It’s a perfect fit: we enhance the crisis management aspects of the existing Group security project management capabilities, especially in niche disciplines such as Kidnap & Ransom and Product Contamination; and our innovative response24 card programme, providing a 24/7 crisis management ‘concierge’ service to the affinity markets, broadens out the client base to hitherto unexplored sectors.

What do you believe is the strength of the Chelsea Group? It’s the dedication and professionalism of the people. When you sit in front of clients as the Chelsea Group, you feel part of a team; and the clients feel it too. It’s a feeling that engenders trust and that is what drives long term client relationships in this increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world.

How does the company contribute to the societies that you work in? We have always placed a great deal of importance on the community in which we operate, whether local or global, and quietly support a number of charities and initiatives, not necessarily connected with the security industry. It is always good to give a little back.


  • Rupert Reid previously served with the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard, Specialist Operations (Criminal Intelligence and Organized Crime).
  • He worked extensively overseas on major investigations involving surveillance and intelligence operations.
  • Since leaving the police service in 1990, he has worked in corporate contingency planning and crisis management; and as an advisor in the special risks insurance market covering terrorism, piracy, product contamination, kidnap and extortion.
  • He is the Managing Director of Security Exchange, the retained crisis response provider for a number of Lloyd’s of London Syndicates.
  • Rupert is also the Managing Director of  Security Management Academy, a leading accredited security and crisis management training company.