Alexander Bethell

Chelsea Group COO
“The uniqueness of our formation is that we are not ‘just a bunch of companies’. Rather we are a suite of services, all under one umbrella.”
  • 15 years experience enabling projects in challenging environments.
  • Held the position of Senior Vice President at CTG before taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer of the Chelsea Group of Companies.
  • As Senior Vice President Alexander developed the company’s new business strategy while nurturing  CTG’s humanitarian client relationships across the world.
  • During his time at CTG, Alexander led the development operations in Somalia – which became the company’s largest operational hub at the time. He then went on to solidify CTG’s presence in Africa, leading its expansion into new territories. He was also responsible for key special  projects including the company’s disaster response to the Ebola crisis in 2015.
  • Alexander joined the Chelsea Group in 2018. Under his leadership, the Group has further increased their global operations, now spanning 69 countries across continents.
  • He is passionate about enabling businesses to thrive, no matter their environment.