August 2020 / Social Responsibility

CTG Committed to Good Summit

CTG’s first Summit was in Gaza in 2018.


The summit hosted a combination of panel discussions, round tables and keynote presentations by private sector experts and high-level professionals from UN Agencies, and INGOs. The aim was to open debate among the different stakeholders on solutions for sustainable development and how to to transform society at the local and global level.

120 local stakeholders; 12 panel discussions

Somali Women and The SDGs at CTG Summit

CTG’s second Summit was hosted in Mogadishu, Somalia in 2019.


The summit brought together both the Somali private and public sectors. Guests included members of the Somali Government, the United Nations, Somali education system, Ambassadors, Civil Society and Somali business leaders.

A combination of keynote sessions and panel discussions guided the discussion around sustainability. The common goal was to make the global goals a local reality by advancing the sustainability discussion from within the communities directly affected.

100 local stakeholders; 17 panel presentations


Committed to Good Summit Minister for Education