August 2021 / Social Responsibility

Chelsea Group Supports the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Sports Ethics and Integrity

Chelsea Group supports MAiSI

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MAiSI is a full time two year Masters programme in Sports Ethics and Integrity. It was developed in response to the lack of an innovative and multidisciplinary course in the sector of sports administration. MAiSI focuses on developing ethical sports cultures and structures as well as developing the tools required for achieving sports integrity education and compliance. Scholars of the program are equipped with an elevated understanding of the complexities of ethical issues in the sporting world. They are able identify ethical concerns, engage in critical thinking and make informed decisions  within the sphere of sports governance and administration. MAisI is currently being delivered at six different universities across the UK and Europe. Scholarships are often made available to worthwhile candidates who set to benefit from the €48000 fund.

MAiSI is a Master of Arts in Sports Ethics & Integrity

“The overarching aim of the MAiSI is to create a new profession within the sports industry: Sports Integrity Officer. The MAiSI graduates will have developed expertise and skills that are needed to help drive the ethical reforms needed in global sports industries” – Mike McNamee, MAiSI’s Programme Director.

Chelsea Group company Enigma Alliance was involved in the creation of MAiSI and continues to support the initiative to this day


MAiSI graduates benefit from practical placement opportunities within the extensive network of advisory bodies, federations, policy-makers and commercial organisations. Further training opportunities are also available, with no limitations on where in the world you can go. The MAiSI board have established a global network, opening doors for international collaboration. Chelsea Group company Enigma Alliance continues to support MAiSI, and was a sponsor for Ghanian honours student Eric Appiah who went on to complete the MAiSI qualification at Swansea University. You can read Eric’s full story here.

Enigma Alliance provided a MAiSI Sponsorship for Ghanian student Eric Appiah