March 2023 / News

Empowering Communities in Mozambique

The Bela Vista Project is a non-profit organisation operating in the impoverished region of Bela Vista in Southern Mozambique. A Pandora Delevingne charity, the Bela Vista Project was started to address the growing needs of a community grappling with the effects of ongoing war and poverty.

The project recognises the most urgent and immediate needs of Bela Vista, which include food, water, clothing, medical supplies, housing and education. One of their key focus areas is the upliftment of the communities “mamma’s and vovos’s” who are the mothers and grandmothers of the village and who the youth rely on heavily. They currently support numerous families in the area with food parcels and monthly essentials as well as providing the children of the Alulamile orphanage with food, clothing, school supplies and sport equipment.

Bela Vista Project in Mozambique is a charity that supports women and children

Bela Vista recognises that that education is a crucial factor in breaking the cycle of poverty, and works to ensure better access to schooling and skills development.  The team are in the process of raising funds to build a pre-primary and primary school for the community. The organisation also provides support in other areas as well, such as medical assistance, employment opportunities, contraception, housing and community development. They believe that sustainable change can only be achieved by addressing all the factors that contribute to poverty.

Chelsea Group company, Chelsea Group Mozambique is currently working with and in support of the project and hopes to continue supporting the Bela Vista Project as they provide a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable communities in Mozambique. Their focus on education, healthcare, and community development is creating sustainable change and the partnership between Chelsea Group Mozambique and the Bela Vista Project is a testament to the importance of collaboration and working together to make a positive impact.

Find out more about this initiative on their website here.

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