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Chelsea Water

Chelsea Water is a collaborative partnership between industry-leading smart water treatment solutions company Nuwater and the Chelsea Group. Chelsea Water provides clients with rapidly deployable and flexible water systems which can be designed, deployed, installed and managed in any environment.

Technology and innovation led, Chelsea Water is the ideal solutions provider for water treatment and liquid waste management in rural or conflict zone areas throughout the world, with particular focus on Africa and neighbouring regions. Chelsea Water offers the impressive capability to treat and purify contaminated municipal, ocean, rural and industrial raw water into high-quality drinking water. Products range from 20 million L/day brackish and desalination purification plants down to that of the smallest fully portable 1,000 litre per day machine known as the Chelsea Mini. Rapid relief scenarios and temporary site applications are also possible via Chelsea Water’s mobile trailer-mounted solutions for small to large applications.

In addition to purification, Chelsea Water can offer environmentally friendly waste and reject water treatment solutions allowing for zero-waste solutions

Services delivered:

  • Water Purification 
  • Brine Treatment & Zero Waste Solutions
  • Desalination
  • Water Reclamation & Reuse 
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Solar-Powered Water Treatment Options

Focus Areas:

  • Conflict-zone Water Treatment Solutions 
  • Rural & NGO 
  • Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment 
  • Power Generation, Oil & Gas
  • Mine Water Treatment 
  • Agriculture Water Treatment

Project example:

Chelsea Water commissioned its first desalination plant in 2014 at Chelsea Village, a secure accommodation camp in Mogadishu, Somalia. This was in response to a need for a sustainable water source in-house. The team also developed a plug & play 20ft containerised installation with an output capability of 28,000L potable water for the British Embassy in Somalia.. Chelsea Water have since successfully completed a number of world-class potable purification, irrigation, wastewater and effluent reclamation projects.

20 000 000

Litres of daily water output from Chelsea Water's largest, high-volume water purification plant.

Chelsea Mini

The Chelsea Mini 1 & 2 are a rapidly deployable, portable solution for temporary and emergency needs.

Zero Waste

Chelsea Water is committed to sustainable water practices and offer numerous zero-waste solutions.