June 2016 / News

Helping street children through sport

Stuart Page (CEO of Chelsea Group companies Enigma Alliance, COG, NapCap and WaterCap) believes strongly in the importance of giving back to communities.

One of his projects is the Cheka Sana foundation, of which he is the co-founder, which supports vulnerable and impoverished children in Mwanza, Tanzania, including access to a sports academy. Here he shares why he is so proud to be involved:

‘I went to visit the charity in Tanzania last year and I was captivated by it,’ says Stuart. ‘The Cheka Sana Foundation has grown from strength to strength. What sets it apart from other charities is that it has real outputs – and I’m proud of that. Through their Sport Academy and other educational outreach programmes, the aim is to give these children a better chance because one of the biggest issues for children like these in Africa is their vulnerability.’

‘There are lots of local business people in Tanzania and people around the world, in the UK, who are a part of this foundation. I’m happy to call myself one of them. I know that the foundation will continue to make important change in children’s lives.’

To find out more about the foundation and how you can get involved visit www.chekasanafoundation.com