April 2016 / News

Hart’s dedication to the highest industry standards

Hart are proud to be one of the first private security companies to be certified to ISO 18788 (PSC1) and to achieve the BS OHSAS18001

An internationally recognised risk management and private security company, with 17 years of experience, Hart strives for standards of excellence in all that it does. Hart has held the PSC1 certification since July 2015 and are proud to announce that they are one of the first private companies to earn ISO 18788, which provides exacting standards for the provision of security services in complex environments.

They have also recently achieved the OHSAH 18001 certification; this is a well-established standard for managing health and safety, ensuring that Hart achieves the best possible working conditions aligned to internationally recognised best practice.

‘Hart operate successfully in complex environments the world over and we take great pride in achieving and maintaining the highest standards. The award of our updated management certifications reflects Hart’s approach – to meet consistently our clients’ and our stakeholders’ expectations in all respects, but especially in terms of legal compliance and respect for human rights.’  Charles Antelme, COO of Hart

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