September 2022 / News

In Memory of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

It is with heart-felt sadness that we share our deepest condolences to the King and the Royal Family, and to the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was many things to many people: our longest serving monarch and head of state, Commander-in-Chief, Defender of the Faith, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a leader who inspired people around the world with her unwavering dedication.

While the world continued to change around her, she remained a constant, reassuring presence. She was remarkable in her never-faltering commitment to a lifetime of service and duty, uniting people in a common purpose and a sense of pride.

Many of the Chelsea Group employees served in the Armed Forces, taking an Oath of Allegiance to Her Majesty and many will feel her passing as a personal loss. May her legacy live on, through the examples she has set for us.

While the majority of our staff do not work in the UK, the Chelsea Group has a strong British heritage. Queen Elizabeth II was the UK’s longest-reigning monarch, spending 70 years on the throne and Monday 19th September 2022 will be a historical moment. In respect to her memory, and for those whose work commitments allow, we have given our staff the option of a day’s unrecorded paid leave in honour of her memory.

Thank you for your service Your Majesty.

Comment from the Chelsea Group

“Having had the greatest privilege of serving the most outstanding Monarch in the history of the United Kingdom, it was with the greatest sadness that I heard of the Queen’s death. Her Majesty’s absolute dedication to the country and the Commonwealth can be no more clearly demonstrated by swearing in the new Prime Minister two days before her death. True service to the very end and a remarkable role model to us all. I am fortunate enough to have had several personal memories of Her Majesty from being a page boy in the early 50’s to my mother’s 90th birthday celebrations eight years ago. Her Majesty was truly omnipotent. Our greatest condolences go to the King and the whole Royal Family. Long live King Charles III.”
Lord Westbury, Chelsea Group Chairman