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‘Broadening the Spectrum of Crisis Management’ hosted by the Chelsea Group

 Event details
Thursday 22nd June 2017, 8.15 to 10.30am
City of London Club, 19 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N
The event:
‘Broadening the Spectrum of Crisis Management – an Introduction to the Chelsea Group’.
Join our panel of experts from the Chelsea Group Risk Management Division as we discuss the changing dynamics in crisis management.

 Who We Are

Introducing the Chelsea Group Risk Management Division, specialists in Security and Crisis Management. In response to current economic conditions and evolving global security issues, the Chelsea Group has combined the services of two core subsidiaries: Hart Integrated Solutions and Security Exchange. The new Chelsea Group Risk Management Division provides immediate crisis response services in support of the Lloyd’s and London insurance sector and customer-specific security consulting direct to business. Our services are affordable in the current tough market conditions; yet scaleable where such services are most needed. 

Security Exchange has been providing crisis response to insurers for more than two decades and is well known within the insurance market. Hart has been protecting businesses operating in complex environments for as long. Now their combined experiences are being brought together to offer services that can assist businesses and insurers prepare for, respond to and recover from crises; delivered under one brand.

 What To Expect At The Event

Our panel of Chelsea Group consultants has extensive experience in a broad range of insurance risk management disciplines and will discuss topics such as: the cultural sensitivities in high risk project management, the changes in the kidnap and extortion market, the emerging trends in on board security operations for merchant vessels transiting the Horn of Africa, and the challenges of managing the recall of faulty or contaminated products.

Moderated by Mark Brayne, former BBC foreign correspondent now psychotherapist and author, we aim to put forward our views on current issues and trends in the security sector.

And of course there will also be breakfast.

We hope you can join us*.

*By invitation only, rsvp essential