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Enigma Alliance

With a focus on entrepreneurship and business development, technology-innovative projects and start ups, Enigma Alliance is a group of companies that offers a world-class capability in a variety of key disciplines. Enigma Alliance was created in 2013 by Richard Westbury (Chairman of the Chelsea Group) and Stuart Page (CEO).

Our core focuses include: remote site management and infrastructure (including portable housing, construction, clean water systems and communication systems), technology, cyber security, sports development, entertainment and social investment. 

Always looking to build complementary offerings, Enigma actively seeks new opportunities for investment and to partner with like-minded businesses.


The focus of this division is to provide world-class remote camps that are safe and affordable in challenging environments. COG is the company that set up, built and manages Chelsea Village in Mogadishu. For more information visit the COG page or visit the Chelsea Village website.

COG Camp Operating Group

COG sets up and manages secure accommodation camps for clients employing remote management specialists with years of experience in some of the most logistically challenging environments in the world.

COG Catering Services

COG can provide catering for accommodation camps. COG’s chefs are hand-picked not just for their proven ability and passion for cooking but also for their experience in extreme environments.

COG Construction & Recycled Sea Container Conversions

COG designs and converts fully insulated sea containers that can comfortably accommodate up to five workstations. Recycling old sea containers saves the environment but also providing a low cost solution for developing countries.


Cognitive Designs is COG’s in-house design function led by our own interior designer. Uniquely, Cognitive Designs can assess a client’s existing facility (be it a dining room, recreation room, bar area or accommodation units) and propose design changes to significantly enhance the comfort of that space.


Portable accommodation dedicated to people engaged in field operations. The units are bespoke and made in Europe in partnership on production with Brodosplit (Croatia). Visit the NapCap page or website for more information.


In this division we focus on challenging environments and new technologies for providing sustainable communities. We focus on ‘micro systems to support camps and communities’ that are affordable. We have an approach to designing bespoke solutions from a green fields view to suit the client that brings in the best of technologies available.

WaterCap was born out of necessity in remote and arid areas around the world and provides clean European Standard drinking water through mobile, plug and play Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. From sub-surface and deep well aquifers with high salinity levels through to sea water these mobile plug and play treatment systems can transform water into clean safe drinking water, when and wherever it is needed.

WaterCap brings the latest water treatment technologies for both drinking water and waste water management. These systems are modular in design and pre-engineered to allow simple connection and maintenance in the most remote areas. Our self-contained water treatment plants are ideally suited for mobile camps, oil and gas infrastructures, remote mining operations and remote communities with limited access to safe clean water.


This division has two aims. Firstly, it provides strategic consulting in security, intelligence, sports and international engagement for blue chip and multi-national companies.

Secondly, its focus is business innovation where we look at new technology, specialist and new sectors, start-ups and then at its application and development into markets and services globally. This area focuses on ‘stitching and weaving’ these areas into the world markets that aren’t seen until developed.


The following consumer online companies have been developed in partnership with Enigma Alliance.

USA online food delivery with health and wellness in mind. FoodRocket helps people achieve their nutritional goals by turning recipes into groceries. Our ‘Click2Cook’ technology transforms food content sites into ecommerce platforms by instantly turning recipes into actionable grocery orders fulfilled by local supermarkets. FoodRocket’s proprietary ‘Smart Recipe’ personalisation filters and user experience emphasising health and wellness, enables people the ability to meet their dietary requirements and goals.

The first search engine for private flights, Airproxima lets consumers browse private flight options. The service opens up the world of private flights to be a realistic option for those looking for a more personal experience.


This division focuses on the interactive entertainment sector:

T-Rex Games
Interactive entertainment software company and intellectual property licensing agent in Shanghai. We have games that have featured seven times on Apple China and in over 40 countries worldwide with millions of downloads. The games are available on Apple, Android and XBOX. Read more about T-Rex here.

Aoiin Entertainment
A virtual reality and e-sports entertainment company in China focused on location-based entertainment centres, hardware manufacturing, publishing, broadcasting, and 360 filming with offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

TV Series: Art of War Production LLC
Art of War is a new 24-episode television production made possible by some of the world’s top Hollywood directors and writers who bring to life the universe of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. In cooperation with Handpicked Films, Flamingo Features, Comcast, NBC Universal, and Universal Studios the series is currently in development. It includes a mobile game and theme park attraction.


Bath FC
Enigma Alliance proudly supports the development of sports for men, women, youths and children. We are a shareholder and support the Bath F.C as a community club for all.

GymCap provides gyms that are modern and safe in a 20- or 40- foot container to remote areas around the world. Led by sports performance experts, gyms are tailor-made for clients’ needs.


Enigma Cyber
Enigma Cyber combines the virtual and real aspects of cyber security: from prevention of hacking to physical searches of devices to human intelligence and disaster remediation – a solution that goes above and below the surface. We easily operate with your existing services, or we can tailor solutions depending to your business, providing a 360-degree (PPPR) Strategic Cyber consulting service. Our offerings include:

Preparation & Threat Analysis:
  • Red team exercises that provide analysis assessments to find exploitable gaps.
  • Analysis of threats (current and over the horizon) aligned to business-operating environments.
Prevention & Governance:
  • Technical Security Counter Measures (TSCM): physical searches of premises.
  • Cyber Awareness and in-house training. Independent recommendation of secure products to fill risk gaps.
  • The identification of key IP and a protection plan of the most valuable products and services.
  • Secure Global Communication products mobile and networked. Secure Data Centres, with cloud capacity.
Recovery (‘break in’) & Remediation:
  • Cyber Business Continuity Plan.
  • Digital and Business Transactions Resilience Plan.


We believe that even though our sustainable business models contribute to community growth and happiness, we can do more to make the world a better place. We support the following organisations:

Street Kids Football and Girls Centre with the Cheka Sana Foundation in Mwanza, Tanzania
Enigma Alliance is a co-founder of the foundation which has two key projects: protecting and uplifting vulnerable children through street kids’ football clinics as well as a refugee centre for the protection of vulnerable girls, aged 15 and under.


Stuart Page has been associated with UN activities for over 20 years. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees at UNICRI. UNICRI is a United Nations entity established in 1965 to support countries worldwide in preventing crime and facilitating criminal justice.

European Masters in Sports Ethics and Integrity
As an Honorary Research Fellow, Stuart Page proudly supported the creation and development of the first European Masters course in sports ethics and integrity which will be up and running – cleanly, of course – at Swansea University next year 2017.

The Master of Arts in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI) Erasmus + Joint Master Degree is a world-first innovation for sports administration and governance, responding to the global crisis in sports integrity. It has been set up to tackle problems which are increasingly affecting sport, from corruption, match fixing, doping to illegal betting. Graduates on the two-year course will learn more about moral thinking, identifying ethical issues and translating decisions into actions.

The plan is for an intake of 100 graduates at the Bay Campus in Wales from all over the world between 2017 and 2021. They will have their fees paid and receive a scholarship, thanks to a 2.9 million euro grant from EU funding organisation Erasmus+, and be led by Swansea University and taught by academics from five European countries. (Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece and the UK).

There are currently 53 world scholarships available. Read more about it here.

Enigma Alliance are affiliated with the Swansea University Research Institute of Ethics and Law 

Enigma Alliance has the following subsidiary companies and partnerships


The number of sea containers that have been recycled and designed into offices or functioning spaces for clients by COG

40 million

The estimated number of people who will visit the new Virtual Reality Arcades soon to be launched in North East Asia


Number of vulnerable children taken off the streets by the Cheka Sana Foundation in Tanzania

Meet Stuart Page

the CEO of Enigma Alliance
‘What You Grow, You Give Back’