January 2018 / News

Symbion Power’s JMK Park reaches 100,000 registered users


Mark Sequeira, director of the Jakaya M. Kikwete Youth (JMK) Park in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, has announced the registration of the stadium’s 100 000th new user. Samwel Wilson Milli, a fan of JMK Park, made history by signing up in December 2017. The momentous occasion marked the end of an excellent year for the park, a year which saw it host a wide range of events including, International Day of the Girl, Malaria International Day, World AIDS Day, Day of African Child and many more.

Paul Hinks

Paul Hinks, CEO Symbion Power said, “JMK Park has been a huge success and I am very proud to see how it has continued to grow and become part of Dar es Salaam. The fact that in just two short years 100,000 people have registered, tells us that more parks (just like JMK Park) are needed across the country. It is our hope that other firms which operate in Tanzania will also sponsor the construction of similar facilities, which help to provide much needed free programs and services.  I’d like to thank Mark and the fantastic and dedicated team of coaches and administrators for all their efforts in making JMK park what it is today.”

Mr. Sequeira said, “JMK Park has continued to grow as a vital part of the community in Dar es Salaam. Reaching this landmark 100,000 number of registered individual users reflects the enormous impact that JMK Park has on the community and is also a testament to the commitment of a talented and highly trained staff, as well as to the wide range of free programs that are available.”

Samwel, who is 18 years old, is pursuing his education in economics, geography and mathematics. To mark the occasion, JMK Park gave Samwel the opportunity to show off his fancy footwork on the full pitch, by organising an exclusive football match for him and his friends. Their team, known as “Bunju Sports” won 4-0 against “Mburahati FC”.  It was a first time visit to JMK Park for both U18 teams as well as the first time any of them had ever played on a professional football pitch.

The Park’s range of free sport and education programs have continued to grow and expanded into what is now a diverse time table of 16 different programs designed to engage children on and off the field with skills-based athletic coaching and lifestyle education including programs focused on HIV/AIDS and Malaria awareness.

JMK Park’s founding partners, Symbion Power and Sunderland AFC, in collaboration with the NBA, developed the non-profit facility to provide free opportunities for education and skills training of Tanzanian youth that were not previously available.

Symbion, a Chelsea Group Company, is an international engineering contractor that takes a unique approach to delivering electrical infrastructure projects. With a deep commitment to empowering local communities Symbion brings together the knowledge and operational know-how to succeed in the world’s most challenging construction environments.