March 2023 / Social Responsibility

Supporting Access to Eye-Care in Conflict Zones with St John of Jerusalem Hospital

Supporters of specialist eye-care service delivery

The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group is located in Jerusalem, and operates as one of six hospitals in the East Jerusalem Hospitals Network providing basic and specialist eye-care to communities in the region.  They are the only Eye hospital in the Middle East that provides either subsidised or free eye-care and education to communities in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. The Chelsea Group has a special connection with St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital. The Chairman’s mother, The Dowager Lady Westbury, has been a dedicated supporter of the hospital for many years and has carried out various initiatives with fundraising group Guild of St John, who were established in 1926. The Chelsea Group is proud and honoured to be supporting St Johns and playing a small role in helping them improve the lives of patients.