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Sector: Modular Water Purification Systems

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R.W. Chelsea Holdings Ltd
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Established in 2015 in response to water shortages and the lack of water-focused technology and infrastructure while operating in Somalia, WaterCap is the the ideal solution for clean, safe, drinking water in remote locations.

Cutting edge water-purification and waste management specialists, WaterCap provides containerised plug and play Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and desalination plants that provide clean WHO-standard drinking water anywhere in the world.

Pre-engineered and modular in design, the systems allow for simple connection and maintenance and can transform water – from sub-surface and deep-well aquifers with high salinity levels through to sea water – into clean and safe drinking water.

Able to adapt to any project size, the output of our WaterCaps range from 1000 to 800,000 litres a day.

WaterCap also supplies solar-powered systems, without the need for batteries – only one of four companies in the world with this technology available.

Our products

WaterCap has the engineering capability to design, build and install models ranging from 1m3 – 120m3 per hour on demand, containerised mobile water treatment solutions. Bespoke projects of both mobile and fixed water solutions exceeding 120m3 per hour can be scoped and supported on a project by project basis.

WaterCap’s numerous projects include Chelsea Village, the Group’s secure accommodation camp in Mogadishu. At Chelsea Village, 180 guests and staff can drink clean WHO-standard water straight from the tap thanks to WaterCap.

WaterCap is a subsidiary company of Enigma Alliance.




WaterCap supplies solar-powered systems without the need for batteries - only one of four companies in the world with access to this technology.


Length in metres of our smallest WaterCap system which produces 1000l of clean water a day


Able to adapt to any project size, our largest WaterCap can produce 800,000 litres a day

Meet Stuart Page

the CEO of WaterCap
‘What You Grow, You Give Back’