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Enigma Alliance

From setting up camps in challenging environments, to investing in the technology of tomorrow, Enigma Alliance delivers solutions to today’s rapidly changing world. Enigma Alliance focuses on two divisions: Remote Site Services (including camp build and management, container accommodation, water treatment systems, modular gyms as well as tented camp solutions) and Technology (from cyber security to booking private air travel). 

Enigma Remote Site Services

Enigma Alliance are specialists in transforming inhospitable areas, whether that be city locations or remote environments, into safe, comfortable and enjoyable experiences. Our team has a background in the military, security and humanitarian industries, with hands-on experience of living and working in remote countries. The portfolio of modular products includes: secure container accommodation; water technology systems and bespoke, easily transportable gyms. We also offer clients tented solutions.

In operation since 2014, with proven success operating in hostile environments in Africa seen in our flagship accommodation camp Chelsea Village in the green zone of Mogadishu, Enigma Alliance provides clients with peace of mind, expert organisation and on-the-ground support. Our services range from individual products (with ongoing maintenance and service support) through to a full camp implementation.

Our products are ideal for field operations ranging from hostile environments, remote working camps, disaster relief and refugee camps and can be used in any location around the world.

Setting the Standards

Enigma Alliance’s flagship project is Chelsea Village. This secure and comfortable camp in the MIA zone in Mogadishu can host 152 guests. Chelsea Village is highly regarded thanks to the calibre of accommodation, the on-site potable water, the level of security and the very good food (with fresh fruit and vegetables imported from Kenya and Europe).

Chelsea Village currently employs 35 expatriate staff including management, supervisory, tradesmen and guards and 28 local cleaners, watchmen and kitchen staff. They have a policy of ensuring local communities are part of a sustainable company.


Containerised housing for remote living and working, NapCap offers comfort, quality and peace of mind. Designed by a team who have spent years working in remote locations, NapCap is crafted by European shipbuilders and certified to ISO standards.

Step inside our premium NapCap and you’ll find a double bed, en-suite bathroom, stylish décor and desk and sofa. Comfortable and secure, our standard offering is either one accommodation unit (with room and bathroom) in a 20-foot container, or two accommodation units with bathrooms in a 40-foot container. However, anything is possible: we are able to custom-design each unit to suit our clients’ requirements.

Unlike other container housing on the market, NapCaps are built new; the security design of the containers is in line with UN MOSS standards. Portable (by air, sea and rail), NapCaps can be stacked, added on to, moved to a new location and easily refitted for a new purpose.


WaterCap produces clean, safe, drinking water in remote locations. WaterCap was established in 2015 in response to water shortages and the lack of water-focused technology and infrastructure while operating in Somalia. Cutting edge water-purification and waste management specialists, WaterCap provides containerised plug and play Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and desalination plants that provide clean World Health Organisation-standard drinking water anywhere in the world. Pre-engineered and modular in design, the systems allow for simple connection and maintenance and can transform water – from sub-surface and deep-well aquifers with high salinity levels through to sea water – into clean and safe drinking water.


Enigma Alliance has partnered with Indigo Fitness to create GymCap, a modular gym solution suitable for any terrain. GymCap is a container gym built to ISO standards that is easily transportable and quick to assemble, providing high-quality physical training solutions that are ideal for challenging environments. The first GymCap, a double-container and rig gym unit, was rolled out in Chelsea Village, Mogadishu. GymCap includes cardio equipment with the latest low-maintenance, self-powered treadmill, rower, air bike and cross trainers pre-installed, as well as a weight-pulley system. A broad spectrum of small equipment is included that can be adjusted to suit customer requirements. Thanks to the modular design, the gym can be easily dismantled and moved to another location as required.

Tented Solutions

From remote-site facilities for mining clients in rural Africa to temporary solutions for humanitarian agencies, Enigma Alliance offers the set up and maintenance of tented camps. This is inclusive of infrastructure for power and water as well as set-up of amenities – no location is too challenging.

Enigma Technology

From cyber security to innovation that is changing the way consumers eat and travel, to the exciting playground of Virtual Reality, technology is a portfolio that continues to grow for Enigma Alliance. Acting as an accelerator and an enabler, Enigma Alliance invests in and mentors technology projects of tomorrow.

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Meet Stuart Page

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