Maldwyn Worsley-Tonks

"I am confident the synergies SE24 brings to the Group can be developed for widespread benefit"
  • Maldywn had an impressive start to his career where he was Commanding Officer at Parachute Regimen from 1975-1995.
  • Maldwyn is experienced in transforming and running successful businesses, having done so in 1997 where he lead a company on the verge failure, into a viable, growing business which he then ran for 20 years.
  • He came into the fold of SE24 (then known as Security Exchange) in 2019 where he served as Director of Strategic Operations.
  • In early 2023 he was promoted to Managing Director of SE24, selected to steer the company through a period of expansion.
  • Maldwyn has a strong reputation for operational expertise and skilled relationship building and is a great asset to the company and Group.