November 2022 / News

Leadership Series: Leadership Development with Léa Cléret

The Chelsea Leadership Series commences with Leadership Trust CEO Léa Cléret. Léa gives insight into all things leadership development, as well as reflecting on her own leadership journey.

Léa joined the Leadership Trust as CEO in January 2017. Since completing the flagship Leadership in Management course herself in 2015, Lea has been applying the fundamental principles of her experience, using the models and simple mementos daily. With a Ph.D in Philosophy, specialising in the Ethics of Sport as well as further studies in Criminology, Lea is passionate about creating conditions for positive human interaction and growth. 

Questions covered in this segment:

  • What do leaders need to consider when navigating their role in the modern world?
  • The biggest leadership myth people still believe?
  • How has Leadership Trust been able to adapt to the modern landscape?
  • What are some of the most significant barriers to female leadership?
  • How has your take on leadership evolved through your career?
“Leadership is to use your personal power to win hearts and minds, to achieve a common purpose”

Watch the full interview below:


The Leadership Series features different leaders throughout the Chelsea Group. Join us as we unpack topics around leadership, business strategy, company culture and social impact, with valuable insights from leading figures across our diverse range of companies.